What's new in 2020 & Time for a Roll Call!

Hello!  I wanted to make a quick post to let you all know about some of the new audio projects coming up in 2020.   I also wanted to take this opportunity to suggest that you follow me on Twitter, join my Discord server, and consider joining my Patreon, because honestly, I tend to be most active there. I basically created my SubscribeStar page for people who for one reason or another will not consider supporting on Patreon, but unless something terrible happens there, that will continue to be my Home Base for receiving support. My apologies though, for sometimes posting things late here on SubscribeStar, it honestly skips my mind sometimes when I'm in a hurry to release something new because there are so few members here.

Speaking of my members here, I never - ever - hear anything from most of you!  You do know that if you are subscribed at $3 or above, you are entitled to request rewards, right?  I've sent welcome messages to everyone upon joining, and asked them all to email me at [email protected] so I can setup your reward folder on Dropbox, etc.  But nobody ever emails me  (*pout*).  I'm attributing that to the really sucky chat interface here on SubStar, and thinking maybe you just don't ever get my message.  That's the reason I prefer to do all our correspondence via email.  So if you haven't been in contact lately (or at all!) please drop me a line and let's work on getting you some naughty content, okay?!?

The 3 New Audio Series I'm Releasing In 2020:

If you have dropped by my Discord in the past week or so, or if you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen some of these already, but I am finally announcing the 3 New Original XXX Series that will be featured this year as part of my Patreon monthly rewards!  I will also take a moment to explain how the release schedule is going to work.

With the help of my series writers (noted below), we developed 3 New Series concepts for this year which I'm very excited about, and I hope you are too!  Each series will be staggered with a new episode every other month throughout the year, with each series having 5 or 6 episodes.  The plan is to release The Fallout Girl and Maid's Naughty Futa Discovery in Feb/Apr/Jun/Aug/Oct/Dec, and Candy's Cock Worshipepisodes will drop in Mar/May/Jul/Sept/Nov.

  • The Fallout Girl is written by one of my favorite Reddit writers, LateStageInfernalism.  And a big thank you to Marjaana from the Manor Stories dev team for the gorgeous artwork!

  • Maid's Naughty Futa Discovery is written by Reed James, one of the most prolific erotica writers I know.  You may recognize his name from the many Futanari Series that I narrated for him on Audible.

  • And last but not least, Slutwriter and I are teaming up again to bring you Candy's Cock Worship!  If you're anything like me, you can't wait to see all the filthy things he has in store for me.

Along side these new series, we will also have new episodes of Cursed Armour by Aika, and lots and lots of individual commissions by various fans and patrons throughout the year.  Remember, I always plan to release at least 5 Audio Files per month.

So stock up now on your tissues and lube and maybe spend some of that Christmas money you got from your grandma to buy some new headphones, so you're ready next month!