Fat Physics and Skin Lighting

These are the two biggest improvements since the last update.

Fat Physics improvements - Breast physics modeled more accurately.  Issues with gravity were fixed.  Bounce now depends on breast size.  Also fat physics are applied to the stomach (it's subtle) as well as the buttocks. Each butt cheek is effected by gravity, momentum, dampening and other physical effects independently.

Skin Lighting improvements - Subsurface scattering of light through the body is now more accurately modeled depending on the estimated composition of that area of the body.  For example areas of the body with cellulite, skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, and cartilage are all modeled differently based on the best estimates of the properties of those areas I was able to find.  Improvements such as this and planned improvements are too communicate a sense of touch to the subconscious, which I find critical to this style of game.

The video is just a test animation to show off the two improvements.