Special sneak peek of The Apollo Lexicon!
Heya guys, Merry Christmas! 

I wasn't able to get special content into the game this year due to time restraints, to make it up to you guys, I have a sneak peek of the game after Nano-control! It's a bit early, but like I said, it's mostly to make it up to you guys for not being able to get Christmas content into the games cause of my graduation thing. 

I've been making preparations for this for a couple of months now, mostly cause I couldn't reasonably expect to not put out non-parody projects after Nano-control ends and only start to prepare things then, cause it wouldn't be too fair to the players. Anyway, on to the good stuff!

Depending on what character you start with, the plot will involve you, the player, getting exposed to an experimental artificial pathogen, turning him into something not quite human. With the ability to infect others, you will begin to build an army to take over the various districts on the island, before allowing them to run free into the mainland.
Island Map

As you proceed to take over the city, you will be able to recruit enemy commanders into your own. Here's a little sample of one of the characters in the game!

Before and after getting "recruited"

Here's one of the characters that will appear in the game! Still deciding on the transformation, but there should be toggle for how you want them to appear! You will be able to choose to have the effects (pale skin, white hair) on or off, if you're not into the Saber Alter pale skin bleached hair look, it's all good, doggo has you covered XD. You'll be able to have them appear as they normally do but with reddish eyes. Hopefully that makes thing a tad more bearable for the guys that don't like the look haha.
Settings toggle

Besides that you will also be able to unlock new passives and skills by researching. With enough skills unlocked, you will also be able to unlock new unit types. Which will provide different ways of tackling certain bosses and maps.

There will also be a panic gauge of sorts, where the people in the city will take more drastic measures the higher it gets, if it gets too high, it would make things more difficult to progress!

There will be certain unique NPCs that you will be able to recruit over to your side depending on their unlock conditions, think this might make the game more fun!

List of characters we have atm!

Here's who we have made currently with more to come! 

Well, that's about it, can't believe it took me 3 hours to write this thing lol.

Let me know what you think about the characters, art and what not, or if you have any questions! 

Merry Christmas!