Dev Update #19 - Summer Scent V0.3.5

Here is v0.3.5. Early access for Level 3 supporters.
You will find the links in this post.

There is no new content in V0.3.5.

What is new?
  • New GUI. I tried to make something clean and sober while still aiming for a bit of personality.
  • The gallery. I couldn't make renpy default gallery system to work properly. So I coded my own. You will have to replay the game to unlock images.
  • Bug corrections. Some undefined variables are now defined, some badly indented blocks are now in their correct place.
  • I've found and corrected the bug that was preventing me from generating translation files. So I can now seriously think about internationalization. Maybe a french version in a future update?

I've tried to build an android port, and it works, but I have to adapt the GUI to fit a mobile phone. It's not ready yet. I don't know if I'll provide an android build for V0.3.5 but there will be one for V0.4.

About V0.4 :
  • I'm working on it. As V0.3.5 is released I can go back to creating content (I actually started working on V0.4 several days ago. I'm an obsessive writer who can't stop thinking about the story he is creating.)
  • I finished outlining Day 4. It's difficult to correctly evaluate the amount of content it represents but it shouldn't be any smaller than Day 3. I can promise you progress, and surprises.
  • I'm currently building Cassie's room. Jack will probably visit it in V0.4. You will soon have it as a preview render.

I'm going back to work. I won't be able to sleep before I find the perfect grey to paint these walls.

Thank you !