There's a new short dev blog post that you can read here. It has a few preview images and good news about the face portraits.

Additionally, I'm attaching the actual pregnancy ovulation fix. There's more detail in the blog post, but basically I forgot to replace e<=n with e<=t[n]. You can use the new AW_Fixer with or without having used the previous one.

AW_Fixer (Automated, Windows Only) Download the AW_Fixer.ps1 file, extract it, and place it in the same directory as your AW game .html file. Right-click it, and select "Run with Powershell" to run it. It should inform you about fixing the error, and you'll get a nice green done message once it finishes. Possible Issues: If you see a Powershell security message, type "y" and hit enter. If right-clicking doesn't give an option to run with Powershell, your file extension contexts are borked and it'll be faster to do it the manual way (sorry).
PregnancyFix (Manual, Anything) It's a text file with instructions. Open the file, follow the instructions, give thanks to the Elder Gods, and enjoy the game.