Kingmaker is a free adult game, and the passion project of some random nerd who thought mixing the elements of a dating sim, a prince maker, and a kingdom manager was a good idea.

In the game you will play as the prince of a petty kingdom as he tries to: balance the interests of different factions, keep budgets green, better himself, navigate through court intrigue, and of course, find romance and an heir before he gets killed.

The goal of this profile is to get enough money to increase the quality of the project. Get music, buy commissioned art, pay writers to add more content, etc, etc. It won't require a lot, but it will be invested back into the game.

Among the things you will get besides allowing this game to keep growing, you will get to see the characters naked before they appear in game, get a discord rank, be able to name enemies and include a coat of arms according to your specifications, decide on content, events, and even add a character according to your tastes.

If you have suggestions for more rewards let me know!

                                                         My little blog about the game
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