AW Pregnancy Patch (versions 0.28 & 0.29)

There's a bug in versions 28 and 29 that prevents characters from ovulating normally. We just found out about it a few days ago and weren't quite sure of the cause. Of course, it was a very simple mistake that was easy to overlook. But now we're here with a fix! =D

For those of you who use Windows machines, you can download the Powershell script that will take care of everything for you nice and quickly. If you use Mac or Linux, or just fancy some nerdy find & replace action, you can use the manual method.

(Automated, Windows Only) Download the AW_Fixer.ps1 file, extract it, and place it in the same directory as your AW game .html file. Right-click it, and select "Run with Powershell" to run it. It should inform you about fixing the error, and you'll get a nice green done message once it finishes. Possible Issues: If you see a Powershell security message, type "y" and hit enter. If right-clicking doesn't give an option to run with Powershell, your file extension contexts are borked and it'll be faster to do it the manual way (sorry).

PregnancyFix (Manual, Anything) It's a text file with instructions. Open the file, follow the instructions, give thanks to the Elder Gods, and enjoy the game.

Sorry to add an extra step by zipping the 5kb AW_Fixer file, SubscribeStar doesn't accept .ps1 file extension files.