Almost there...

Hello again!

I've almost got this version ready for a release, but I just need to finish off a few things and get some bugs fixed. I'm aiming to get v0.3.5.5 out by Sunday or Monday, which I'll make as a preview release (as it will need a little more polishing before putting it out as a public release), and then I'll get a public release of v0.3.5.6 out by the end of the week. I'll then do some final fixes and cleanup over that weekend (21st & 22nd), and get a second publicly-released fixed version out for the 23rd. After that, I'll have to take some time off over Christmas for family stuff, but I'll be back to work again on December 30th.

So, basically, v0.3.5.5 will be out as a preview here on SubscribeStar within a few days, and then I'll make a public version of v0.3.5.6 by Friday. (I don't want to make v0.3.5.5 public, despite the length of time since the last release, due to a fear of there being some bugs I didn't catch making it a potentially unstable release.)

Thank you once again for your patience!