A pic of my character Carola I made last october while I had some spare time in Chile after coming back from Argentina, the protests were still raging in the center so I didn't go out much :T

The pic is traditional, but as I've added in so much digital patching it's basically a 50/50 now.

Carola as you can see had inspiration of several different sources, while Hellsing might seem the most clear one it actually was the last one, I had pretty much fleshed out the character completely before doing of the goopy hair with eyes and teeth which has become synonym with Alucard.

Things that inspired Carola I'd say were: 
-Shizuku from Hunter X, gave some of the look and initial idea of a monstruous teethy creature eating things into a void.
-ValiumAngel SeresChan Wherever she is now, it was actually her fault that I'd add so many Hellsing elements to the character since I didn't get into Hellsing until a couple years after creating her.
-Haruhara Haruko, this one's more obvious, the whole wicked attitude to the character is what you'd expect from Haruko.
-Silent Hill, to add to the more sadistic element of the character, the Silent Hill games were my favourite at the time of creating her. Again the fact she ended resembling Hellsing with all the bloody elements was a bit of a coincidence since the whole bloody killer and spooky bits, which you haven't really seen much of in this account, were more directly inspired by things like the scenarios in Silent Hill 1 and 3, and characters like Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2.
-H.P. Lovecraft, another obvious element, Carola being basically a personification of Chaos, ala Azathoth, but also combining with the Greek myth of Chaos, a silent and dark void from which everything originates, Carola isn't a ruler, she's more of a force of nature.
-The final and again quite obvious inspiration were the Endless from Neil Gaiman's books The Sandman, anthropomorphic representations of 7 aspects related to human life, Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Desperation and Delirium, I took the idea of anthropomorphic representations to create Carola's family, though not directly tied to elements of human life like in Gaiman's books, the family of 9 are simple forces of the universe, two of them coinciding with Gaiman's Endless, Death and Destruction.

As I've also mentioned several times in the past, The Endless, more specifically Death, is why I have an Ankh necklace. The Sandman is a story I highly recommend, as well as of course everything else in the list above.