December plans:

We're nearing the end of the year, and everyone is working hard on the Christmas build of Inheritance even as the coders are making some big changes in the background.  In addition to that, we're nearing the end of Last Stand of Ra. 

With everything that's happening, I have decided to re prioritize the next few weeks a little bit.

The current plan is this:
*Spend the next two weeks working on Inheritance.  By having my focus exclusively on that game, I should be able to finish all of the planned Christmas content, keep up with submissions, AND hopefully orchestrate all of the code stuff without loosing stride (And by orchestrate, I mean like the conductor who swings around the little stick while all the musicians do the REAL work.)
*The minute we've got the final TEST build of Inheritance published in preparation for the official release on the 20th, I'll be shifting my attention exclusively to Last Stand of Ra.  Since that game is so near completion, it's my hope that I can finish it in 1-2 weeks of hard work.  If all goes well, the game will be complete by year's end with a final build coming out shortly after the new year begins.
*When Last Stand is done, I'll be asking the community how to proceed.  Whether people want me to start another adventure/horror themed game, or if I should focus more time on Inheritance.

And there you have it.  The plans for the next few weeks.