Hello my wonderful SubStars!

It's time to get nastea. I've been wanting to draw NSFW shit for so long but been restricted by a lot of social media that now I can freely do so w/o having to make my Fatreon all NSFW things only - I got a lot of projects and jazz that isn't just for adults lmao.

So yeah! Here we are with my first batch for the month - starting next year, I'll be beginning my polls, streams, and more! I have only one tier, and it's because of how un-often making NSFW stuff is for me, but also don't wanna break your bank.

Why is it cheaper than Fatreon?

Because this is basically additional content y'all can get, not my major focus or major income / practice - I just wanna draw some nice tits and tetra shit but have nowhere to put it and decided y'all can jump in on what I draw too! 👀 haha.

Overall, I'm excited to draw some more of my OCs who are shared below for my tier icons - Avery, Mer ((My fiance's OC, my OC Stella's husband.)) and Stella! ((She's my shining star - literally.))

See you soon! - ASHE <3