(2019) Finally got to see Ponyo the other day, and did a little quickie before work this morning because I had a neeeed. x'3 Seriously though, why is she literally perfect. 

Most folks know that Ponyo was partially inspired by and loosely based off of the original story of The Little Mermaid. This is reflected in her desire to become human to be with a human boy she loves, and the fate of turning to sea foam should his love be untrue. But do you know the rest?

In Japanese folklore, there's a creature known as a Ningyo, or "human fish". It's described as having a human like face with a mouth like a monkey, small, fish-like teeth, and shining golden scales. Fishermen were warned to throw them back should they catch one, though they were supposed to be delicious and you'd be blessed with a long life should you eat one. You see, catching a Ningyo was said to bring terrible storms and disasters, like tsunamis. Worse yet, a Ningyo washed up upon the beach was an omen of coming war, or great calamity. Like say the moon getting way too close and nearly flooding the entire world.