Welcome to my home ... page.

First, take a look around, the layout is simple, but the stories won't be.

I was on the other subscription site, and I was doing well and building my page, and then they told me my type of writings weren't wanted. I understand, and I was going to move on to something more suitable for the main stream, but then I started posting my older stories for free and I was bitten by the bug to keep going, and then I discovered SubscribeStar, and so here I am, giving it another try.

If the numbers are good and we gain momentum, then the more stories I'll be putting out. If the numbers suck, then I'll have to move on. Here's to hoping they don't suck!

My page will be a Series-Focused page once I get the ball rolling.

I do have several other stories that I need to post and will be posting soon, first to SubscribeStar and then to free websites.

The Series that I will focus on first will be
  • Series #01 - What Happens Tomorrow, which has four parts currently at over 100,000+ words, and no set number to the amount of Chapters, yet.

  • Series #02 - Min's Butt. I have written Part I, and there are two more on the way. After that, I will hold a Vote for what kind of series comes next, though I don't know what Tier the voting will take place on.

I plan for each series to reach a conclusion someday, and then to be replaced by another in a never ending cycle of fun and excitement. The goal is to have a pair of series going at a time, with alternating posting schedules. I hope you'll be a part of that.

Upload Schedule
  • 12/01/19 - What Happens Tomorrow #01
  • 01/01/20 - What Happens Tomorrow #02
  • 02/01/20 - Min's Butt #01
  • 03/01/20 - What Happens Tomorrow #03
  • 04/01/20 - What Happens Tomorrow #04
  • 05/01/20 - Min's Butt #02
  • 06/01/20 - What Happens Tomorrow #5
  • 07/01/20 - Min's Butt 03

We'll stop here for now ...
Other Stories that I will Post before they reach Literotica, StoriesOnline, and WRISTxxx
  • More Common Than You Think - #1, #2, & #3
  • That's Big Brother to You #2 - Close to and possibly over 200,000 words. (It's almost finished.)
  • HandsomeMan & PrettyLady - A mother/son Webcamming story at 37,000+ words.
  • Common Therapy - A followup to Common Desires, featuring Wendy, Jami, Holly, & Alex.

Thanks for reading and stopping by and don't forget to sign up.