hello floks
   This time it was released taimanin ep4 trailer . Have a nice weekend . 

The story comes to chapter four. This time it's the harem theme. In the brothel of Rinko and Yukikaze before in Yumihara.Asagi.Sakura.Murasaki.Ingrid.Oboro.Yukikaze.Rinko.Shiraniu.Asuka.annerose will all will appear.  

  Don't ask me specific release time . Of course, it will be released after all is done. This time because it's group sex Every scene requires a lot of sex pose.Each scene required a pair of sex poses . If you choose quality or release speed for each project, I will choose quality. This is for myself and not for others . I will take care of every detail in the animation as much as possible .
 Thank you for your support and patience.

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