Hello everyone who reads this.
As you probably already know, I am a game developer, novelist, youtube video creator, healthy nut, philosopher, and more many things, funny lad included. Long story short, if you were going to support me here, you would get both of my games, HPT18 and LLT, the newest updates. Sure, once your first payment is proceded. Also, by supporting me here, you help me to become more professional ion what I do. And my dream is to become an Indy(Independent) creator full time. It means, to do this as the primary job. If so, you the one who going to benefit from all that. More time spent on creativity means more fun. I believe what more productive and more advance culture is more happiness, better humankind, fewer wars, more peace, and all this kind of thing. 
Thanks, everyone, for considering to support me. I love you all!