Progress towards v0.3.5.5

Hello once again!

I just wanted to make a small update post to let you all know that the updated preview version of is progressing well, and that I should have it ready by this Friday. It's going to include fixes for the bugs reported in v0.3.5.4, as well as the Axel/Vengar content. If it's looking like it might take me a little longer to get it released, then I'll make another post on Thursday.

After I've got that done, I'll move onto the public-release version of 0.3.6, which definitely won't take me as long to get out as this version has done. I'm hoping to have it released in a week or two after v0.3.5.5, but I'll give more details once I've got this current work finished.

Thank you all for the bug reports and feedback, and for your patience!