Myths about Deeper, debunked

  • It's a porn game: It's a game aimed at adults which deals with various adult themes.Obviously you can play the game however you wish but it is intended to be a game about sacrifice, hard choices and family. 
  • It's an Incest Game: Certain player choices will lead down a path that does explore that theme but it isn't the main point of the game.
  • Apart from Lucy, Sarah and Laura, everyone else is a side character: All characters will have their own story arcs and share important roles within the game as a whole. 
  • It's just a Big Brother clone: That's a bit like saying that every FPS is a Call of Duty rip off. It wasn't the first, It wasn't the best. Big brother was a tiny game in comparison. Deeper will be much larger and much longer. 
  • I need a walk-through: No you don't.There is no point duplicating someone else's play-through. Make your own choices and get your own outcome. There is no right path and no puppies will die if you click the "wrong" answer.