Early Post, but the winner of July's monthly exclusive poll is definitely SERGALS!

See you when it's ready. Be prepared for the end of the month to give suggestions for August's exclusives, followed of course by a poll.

In other news there may be a period of time this month where I'm somewhat unavailable - I'm finally able to move my work station and bed to a more spacious (and comfortable) room in the house. It's been a reoccurring issue over the years that my room gets sweltering on the worst days of the summer and I can't properly ventilate it by opening my door for obvious reasons. So, finally, after committing to the idea last year we're clearing a bedroom that had been used as a storage room on the first floor and moving my stuff down there as soon as we can. This will improve my ability to work. Can you imagine what I go through when the temperature hits the upper 70s outside and because of how tight my room is, it's easily in the 80s for me, making me sweat and unable to use my tablet without sticking? It's gross, and I haven't yet purchased an artist's glove for this.