Weekly update!

Heyo! Have another week of updates for you guys this time!

Mainly this week we'll be working on Jikage Rising as well as fixing some bugs/errors in Nano-control! For Jikage Rising I'll mostly be working on Sakura's level 5 event as well as starting on Ino's lvl 4 event. Considering how simple level 5 events will be I might work on other stuff as well haha. Another thing that I really want to work on is improving the battle system, it might take a while but hopefully I'll be able to get a decent one working asap!  

As for Nano-control, there's been a couple bugs reported, but most if not all of them are now fixed. I'll wait for a couple of hours, and if no new bugs pop up, I'll have the update up!

So yeap! Basically this is it:

Jikage Rising progress (Expected release date: 16th November)
-Sakura control 5 event (90%)
-Ino control 4 event (5%)
-Ino control 4 scene
-Hinata control 2 scene animation update
-Battle system update
-New missions and materials for outfits

progress (Expected release date: 7th December)
-Bug fixes (???)