Things I forgot to mention in the last post! Cloth sim! The Couch upgraded to Unity 2019!

 I forgot to mention some important stuff. 

Cloth sim

One of the things that's been bugging me for a while is the lack of cloth sim on the Baby doll outfit, and some people have asked for it. This is a technical challenge in a lot of ways.  But also at the moment the cloth assets didn't work the way I needed them to, and in Unity 2019 none of them work at all. I planned to use Obi cloth but had issues with mesh assembly in Untiy 2018, and Obi cloth does not work in Unity 2019 yet, but they were supposed to have an update soon. For now i requested access to the beta version. unity native cloth tools are currently completely unusable in 2019, and won't be fixed until 2019.3 apparently.

BUT in good news, in the most recent build one of the big things is now I can retopologize the outfits thanks to Marvelous Designer 9 updates. So that means clothing can be lowerpoly and have less weird and more clean geometry. And once cloth sim is ready it should work a bit easier I hope. And also i'll be doing optimizations to make the polycount even lower. The retopology was a slow and painful process but a necessary one in the long term. 

If i make progress with the beta version of Obicloth  i'll let you guys know

The Couch now on Unity 2019

I also wanted to let you guys know I took time last month to upgrade The Couch to 2019 and fix some compatibility issues.  The game still isn't functional of course, but this is preparation to start back porting features. I'm sorry there's been no updates otherwise, but when I have a better timeframe of when I can start doing test releases i'll let you guys know

That's all for now, once again peeps, thanks for your support!