Jikage Rising v0.06c Public release!

 Heya guys! Lots of you were asking for this release haha. Added quite a bit of stuff, but the most prominent update would be the outfit system! You guys will now be able to change the outfits for the girls! This should give a deal of customisation that I hope you guys would like! 

Jikage Rising v0.06 changelog
-Sakura level 4 event added
-Sakura level 4 scene added
-Tenten level 3 event added
-Tenten level 3 scene added
-Outfit system added
-Sakura's nurse outfit added
-Sakura, Ino, Tenten and Hinata's School Uniform outfit added (More outfits soon)
-New Ayame menu item

And without further ado, the download links!

Download links: