Weekly update!

Heya guys! So the update is coming this weekend, hope you guys are excited for it!

Anyhoo, progress is going pretty well despite some incidents happening haha. The release should be on this weekend as per normal! 

Well, here's what you guys are probably looking for!

Nano-control progress (Expected release date: 2nd November)

-Rika personal ending (80%)
-Rika mind room 3 (100%)
-Milf ending (30%)
-Elaine mind room 4 (100%)
-Lena mind room 4 (100%)
-Bug and spelling fixes (???)

Jikage Rising progress (Expected release date: 16th November)

-Sakura control 5 event
-Ino control 4 event
-Ino control 4 scene
-Hinata control 2 scene animation update
-Battle system update
-New missions and materials for outfits

There were some problems with Jikage Rising's files, I'll get an update out fixing them asap! Like before, they are more like minor errors, so no need to download it if you already completed content for this update!