A few people have left comments in various places indicating that they are waiting for the next updates to my games.

I kinda come back to this every few weeks as people who are new to my games might not be aware. So for those who have been around a while, I apologise for repeating

I'm a lone hobbyist developer writing games in my free time. Once you take away the time that I am at IRL work, sleeping, eating, travelling, cleaning myself, doing housework, studying, this only leaves a few hours per week during which I can work on rendering images for my games.

The point of this Subscribestar page is that hopefully, one day I will be making enough that I can quit my IRL job and start development full time but until that happens, I don't have the capacity to push out huge updates every month. I'm doing my best and every subscriber that I get brings me a little closer to the goal of being able to do this full time.