Yes, yes. I know I'm supposing to be doing my other content but ah, you know how the artist mind is. Sometimes we feel like doing that one thing ^ ^'
So, this is a cover concept I did for that Starco kid story I showed you once.
This time, Alma doesn't have cheekmarks cause, you know, I want it to be placed after the finale. I think the setting I chose fits easily.

Same MC: Alma, Katrina and Kelvin.
I wanted the cover not to look like an anime poster but heck, I think it does. Doesn't matter ^ ^
Also, I kind of didn't know who else to put there so Tom and Buff Frog it is. Hope they don't come out that random X)

Anyway, just wanted you to be the first ones to see it. Will not be working on this, actually, but is other idea I'll have there to be done :3

On to the commissions and comics! ^ ^