Explanation for situation of Jikage Rising v0.05

Hey guys, so I understand that some of you aren't too happy with the art for Hinata's sex scene and also the fact that her scenes aren't animated yet. I apologise for that and I want to assure you that I'm getting the scene re-done by Jii and I'll be getting someone to animate the new scenes.

What happened to the art?
So basically in order to allow a smooth update for each version, I need to have a couple of artist working on the game. Unfortunately not all of the artist are able to reach the standard I want for the game, so that means a lot of wasted money and time. 
Some of you might be thinking: "Why not just let Jii do everything?" That's kinda because he can't do everything, he can only work on 2-3 pieces a month and he also has his own comic to draw. I'll also need to prepare for the event where he needs to deal with real life stuff, such as what happened a month ago where he had to serve his country. Besides that, I need to prepare the sprites for Arc 2 (the Shippuden sprites) ahead of time cause I can't expect to keep you guys waiting for a couple of months with no content while the sprites are made. Some devs are okay with not pushing out content for a couple of months, but I personally just don't think that's right. 

What happened to the animation?
The two new scenes for Hinata weren't animated this time, something a lot of you guys found disappointing, which I understand. The animator for the previous animations disappeared and I wasn't able to get in contact with him until recently. Which was, testing, to say the least. He told me that he is not sure about working on commissions anymore as he needs to work on his game, which is pretty unfortunate. The good news is that I was able to get the money back, and that I'm currently using said money to find animators that are able to produce animations of equal or better quality. 

I'll get them fixed.

TL/DR: Hinata scene getting redone, animation getting made.