Version "Hotfix"

Hello again!

As you already most likely know, there were some annoying bugs in in v0.3.5, including the one where the watering hole was completely broken, as well as the one where stuttering characters were causing dialogue to break. I didn't want to leave you all with this semi-broken version until the next release, so I've made this "hotfix" to get them addressed. (I don't know if I can really call it a hotfix, with how long it's been since v0.3.5's release...)

Although I've fixed almost all of the bugs reported since the last release, I am aware of a couple of other minor issues that are still in the game, but I'll get them sorted out for the next release. There is also the major issue of the forced-transformation content being a little buggy and underwhelming, so just to let you know, I'm planning on doing a major overhaul of that content soon (either in v0.3.5.5 or v0.3.6).

I'll make another post on Monday (or Tuesday) to detail my plan for v0.3.5.5 (which will be a preview version released just here on SubscribeStar and pushed to github), so until then, have fun! ^^

Version Download Links

Pre-zipped: Mega
Full folder: Google Drive
.exe (for Windows):
Pre-zipped: Mega
Full folder: Google Drive
32-bit .exe (for 32-bit Windows):
Pre-zipped: Mega
Full folder: Google Drive

Version Patch Notes

Fixed bug where the 'Enforcer's tactical pants' didn't correctly conceal the sock slot. (by DSG)

Improved icon for the combat move, 'tease'.
Horns categorised as being 'small' can now be used as handles in sex (so only 'tiny' horns, of <=5cm in length, can't).
Random NPCs (such as those in alleyways) now have their inventories cleared whenever they generate a new outfit, and they gain half of the value of whatever was cleared.
You can now take/give money from/to other characters, as well as dropping it on the floor (or storing it in safe areas).
Improved outfits of slime attackers in the Bat Caverns.
Improved flow of dialogue menus when interacting with slaves and occupants, and moved renaming options from the header of all slave management dialogues into its own 'Set names' action.
Added ability to manage your companions' spells and spell upgrades via a new action in their 'Management' tab.
NPCs will now only request gentle sex if their partner is being rough with them. Also renamed 'Request gentle sex' action to 'Object to rough'.
Added 'Drop/Store all' action to the inventory menu.
Vicky now stocks considerably more bottled essences.
Added crotch-nipple penetration to sex stats, and slightly improved sex stats UI.
Added content settings for udder size and lactation increases from pregnancy, as well as udder size preferences.
In clothing enchanting, the 'sealing' and 'enslavement' enchantments are now secondary modifiers under a new 'special effects' primary modifier.
The new 'bedroom' slave job now has the same -1.0 fatigue modifier as 'idle'.
The old versions of the Enforcer uniform are now sold by Nyan.
Added hair style selection to debug self-transform's 'head' category.
Removed enchantment limits from Lyssieth's signet ring, the Slime Queen's Tiara, and the breeder collar.
Set the Slime Queen's Tiara and the Arcane Lightning Globe to have a rarity of 'unique' instead of 'legendary', and reduced the value of the Lightning Globe.
Added 'pastel rainbow' as a covering colour.
Auto-selling fluids that are milked from your slaves is now set via slave-specific job settings, instead of via a milking room setting.
You are now stripped naked when being put into the stocks (after losing in the Enforcer warehouse).
The 'Equip all' action will no longer equip jinxed items of clothing (provided that they have been identified as such). 'Unequp all' now also unequips weapons.
Added body hair and penis girth transformation effects to clothing enchantment options.
Halved chance for random characters to be prude or innocent.
The bimbo fetish now switches between 'bimbo' and 'bro', depending on if the owner of the fetish is feminine or masculine. This affects the descriptions/icon and slightly modifies the speech-changing aspect.
Slightly changed personality trait descriptions for 'lewd', 'prude', and 'innocent', to make them indicative of how a character acts, not what a character is willing to do during sex (which is what the corruption stat represents).
Added indication in map tile tooltips to let you know when if you can or can't teleport into/out of that tile.
Added spawn frequency settings for each subspecies in the 'furry preferences' options screen, and added bald-eagle-harpies and raven-harpies to this.
Added arousal bar to spectators' UI during sex.

Typo and parsing fixes.
Health and aura percentages are now correctly maintained when losing status effects that negatively impacted maximum health or mana (such as the effects when going over maximum enchantment capacity).
Fixed issue with inconsistent 'Enchant' action visibility in the inventory dialogue.
Filled in missing job perk tooltip text for several NPCs, set Elizabeth's job to 'Lyssieth's guard' instead of 'Mugger', and filled in the missing job-related status effect for Epona.
Fixed issue with characters in the pregnancy roulette game sometimes choosing to get penetrated instead of penetrating you.
Characters being bred in pregnancy roulette can no longer use their tails to perform a tail-lock (as they are noted in the opening descriptions as being tied down).
Fixed incorrect border colouring of perks in elemental perk tree display.
You can now correctly order elementals to grow a cock during sex.
Fixed bug in sex where a character could be performing both mouth and a tongue ongoing actions simultaneously (such as a blowjob and cunnilingus).
Fixed issue with an impossible sex position, where characters could start receiving paizuri while receiving cunnilingus from the same person.
Fixed some issues with incorrect characters being targeted for sex in occupant and slave interaction actions.
Demon attackers in dark alleyway tiles now have more sensible (slutty) outfits equipped.
Fixed bug where clothing that's enchanted and then disenchanted would not stack with seemingly identical clothing that had not undergone the same process.
Fixed issue where there was a 99% chance for randomly-generated NPCs to be virgins. The chance has been adjusted to 10%.
Fixed several instances of Amber's and Zaranix's dialogue leading to you being returned to Arthur's Apartment tile, instead of to Zaranix's Home tile.
Fixed bug where half-demon fox-morphs could self-transform to give themselves a youko tail.
Fixed bug where older characters imported into this version would not have their personalities converted into the new trait system.
Fixed issue with stuttering speech sometimes causing all manner of parsing errors.
Meraxis now correctly has the 'arcane researcher' job perk, instead of 'mugger'.
Fixed incorrect penis colour being described when a character first grows a penis.
Fixed 'Fuck ass' action being available when transforming Lilaya/Meraxis into demons when you had the anal content setting disabled.
Fixed the 'Well Rested' status effect not being properly applied when resting in your room. The 'Well Rested' status effect is now also applied to all of your companions and bedroom slaves whenever you sleep in there.
The 'Soothing Waters' spell now correctly restores health.
Fixed issue with missing dialogue in the nightclub, and also an issue with partners being incorrectly identified as the submissive/dominant partner.
Jules no longer feels the need to take off his shirt when receiving a blowjob from you in exchange for skipping the line.
Multiple dildo types can no loner be simultaneously equipped (such as a strap-on and strapless dildo both equipped at once).
Fixed bug where the third tail transformation type when enchanting potions would dispplay the name for the second tail type instead. (So instead of 'tufted feline tail', it was incorrectly stating that it would give you a 'short feline tail'.)
Fixed combat behaviour (to their correct attack preferences) for: Meraxis (spells & main attacks); Fyrsia (main attacks); Hyorlyss (seduction); Jhortrax (main attacks).
Fixed issue where taur offspring were being affected by the taur furry preferences, instead of having their upper body's furryness based on their mother/father.
Fixed bug where post-sex dialogue (titled 'Step back') with companions would sometimes freeze or have content not displayed correctly.
You can now correctly interact with slaves working in the office.
Fixed bug in tooltip formatting where clothing which is able to be worn in multiple slots had the enchantment cost cut off the bottom.
The ass/anus of glory hole partners is no longer revealed to you.
Having sex in the seating area of the nightclub is now correctly limited to just the sitting down position.
Dominant partners in the nightclub will no longer drink until they collapse at the bar.
Fixed bug where Vicky would keep on replenishing essences and scrolls every time you opened her trading dialogue.
Vicky now stocks bottled essences from the very start of the game, instead of only starting to stock them after you'd started the essence quest.
The arresting guard in the enforcer warehouse now correctly moves to the entrance with you.
Fixed bug where characters could spawn in wearing two items of clothing that were blocking each other, making their removal impossible.
Crotch nipple penetration is now handled correctly and removes virginity when penetrated during sex.
Fixed the 'Perform oral' action while sitting not working correctly if it was an interaction with a taur.
Fixed daily obedience and affection gains for slaves not being displayed correctly.
Fixed issue where bimbo, muffled, or sex-modified speech could sometimes cause an error in parsing.
Fixed bug where slimes you forcibly transform into a different femininity would somehow self-transform themselves back into humans.
Fixed issue where slime offspring would be born as humans, which was caused by another bug related to offspring's gender identity being incorrectly set.
Added variations to Lilaya's pull out requests for if her speech is muffled.
Fixed bug where unemployed occupants living with you would go out to work between 9 and 5 as though they had a job.
Removing enchantment effects from a weapon or clothing now correctly removes the one that you selected, instead of the highest instance of the selected effect in the list.
Fixed issue where slaves assigned to the 'bedroom' job would not leave your room to go to their other jobs or back to their room while you were present.
Fixed issue with slave management list always returning to the tile's default dialogue instead of back to the list once you'd finished with the selected slave.
Pitch black as a secondary covering colour now has the correct shade of black on its icon.
Claire will now correctly end sex in the SWORD warehouse once you and her are satisfied, even if you restrict her control.
Fixed the Claire's sex scene in the SWORD warehouse triggering the action where an enforcer interrupts you, which was intended just for her sex scenes back in Submission.
Fixed being able to keep on having sex with Claire in the SWORD warehouse after the first time.
When unequipping weapons, any spells granted by those weapons are now correctly removed from equipped combat moves (so long as the character doesn't have them from another source).
Fixed post-offspring fight/sex dialogue acting as though you fought them in their apartment, even if you were fighting in the alleyway.
Fixed broken post-sex dialogue when having a threesome with a companion and a slave.
Fixed bug where attempting to view a companion who wasn't in the same tile as you (such as when visiting Ms. Cunningham) would cause an error to be thrown.
Fixed illogical speech from your+Lyssieth's offspring, where they'd act surprised at being related to an elder lilin.
Renamed covering colour 'dark purple' to 'violet', and renamed the old 'violet' to 'salmon-pink'.
Fixed issue where asses were being described as 'hairy' based on pubic hair, not ass hair.
Fixed bug in auto-selling of slave's milked fluids, where generated values for milk/girlcum/cum would be added more than once, resulting in an income that was far too high.
Fixed bug where characters had a chance to gain personality traits (such as lisp) every time the game was loaded. All non-unique characters have had their personality traits reset in this version to rectify the issue of everyone having so many traits due to this bug.
The 'arcane vampyrism' perk/trait now correctly needs to be equipped in order for its special effects to work in combat.
Fixed clothing 'Displacement type' information (which is displayed when clicking on an equipped item of clothing during sex) always showing 'unequip' as being available, even when it wasn't.
Fixed talons being allowed to be transformed into plantigrade or unguligrade foot structures.
Fixed cloak of flames's upgrades not applying the +1 unarmed damage per caster level.
Fixed the 'Grope breasts (self)' action being duplicated, and NPCs not being able to use this action.
Fixed speech in combat not parsing correctly.
Fixed the teleport spell's second upgrade, 'Mass Teleportation', causing the teleport status effect to be applied to your enemies instead of allies.
Fixed bug where opening the Slavery Management screens from any of the slave shops in Slaver Alley could sometimes cause the game to freeze.
Brax will no longer return to the Enforcer HQ after gaining him as a slave.
Friendly occupant slimes and demons, as well as elementals, will no longer automatically transform back into their original gender after yuo've transformed them into something else.
Fixed bug where, in the hourly slavery updates, slaves would sometimes not have left their job until after another slave had tried to move into their job-related locations, causing the job location to be left empty.
Fixed bug where upgrading rooms via the Occupancy Ledger would throw an error and stop working past the first upgrade.
When in an arcane storm, characters who are vulnerable to the storm will no longer have their lust lowered to 75 (although it will still be raised to 75 if lower).
Fixed potions which drain attributes having a default descriptor of 'boosted'.
Fixed bug where characters could masturbate when locked in stocks.
Fixed bug where message flashes would sometimes not work (such as the messages which display when quicksaving).
Rose now only ends her handholding sex scene once she's had enough orgasms to be satisfied.
Fixed some issues with the dialogue related to slaves using you while sleeping in your bedroom.
NPC spectators can now orgasm during sex.
Submissive gloryhole NPCs will no longer get stuck trying to remove their own clothing.
Fixed incorrect description of Fire spell school's passive buff.
Clicking on 'derived fetish' icons in the fetish screen no longer spends 5 essences to achieve nothing.
Fixed issue where Lilaya would sometimes demand a pullout during sex even if you weren't penetrating her vagina.
Fixed penis head descriptors not working correctly.
Fixed issue where slaves having sex with each other (or while doing their job) would only have sexual fluids splattered on them if they were allowed to be impregnated.
Fixed bug where successfully tricking Brax would have the final dialogue repeat the previous section of text, rahter than the correct 'success' variation.
Fixed some incorrect titles of orgasm actions where the character was cumming on their own body parts.
NPCs will no longer ask for their partners to pullout during sex if they also have the action to request creampie available to them (so they won't keep on switching between the two with every orgasm).
Fixed issue where the world map marker would not update correctly when fast-travelling.