TLB 0.8.3 Release 

Hello Everyone!
Here is a new release of TLB!  I’m sorry about the delay, I faced with some urgent family problems, but now everything is ok, so be sure that all my patrons will get their rewards before the end of this month
So what’s new?
I keep working on the content and events for existing locations. At this time, I added some piece of content for Brothel location and Tentacles dimension.
Brothel sex scenes were reworked and extended. Also, I’ve added 3 glory hole booths, I think it fit perfectly to the brothel location.
You can find locked “mimicpantry door, which contains lustful tentacles. They can grab Barbarian and teleport her to the secret room in the Tentacles dimension. Of course they will fuck her at first.
In the Tentacle dimension you can find 'modified' Torus. You can fuck him and you're able to take place of trapped prostitutes as well. 
I added 2 new hair models. As I said earlier, I’m studying Blender now, cause I want to add more custom content to the game. 
You can recieve piercing reward, if you save prostitutes from Torus. Unfortunately, I didn’t add this option for all locations, cause it quite unfinished yet. I didn’t want to hold release even more, so I would finish piercing feature in the next minor update. 

Enjoy the game and remember, all things I create in the game, I make according to your opinions.
Thank you for your support! 
You are awesome!