Daily Flash Fiction examples

Taboo 1:

This hands-on teacher at an all-boys school has no choice but to use his daughter as a learning tool for sex-ed classes since they denied his request for a sex doll.

She is stripped down so the class can learn about female anatomy with each of their senses. She is extremely shy but responds well to stimulus, which is demonstrated live in various sex positions. After learning all about what makes a woman tick, the final exam is to make teams of two, draw a method out of a hat and make her orgasm with it. This year will be rough for her: the two students who drew 'fisting' decided to team up.

Taboo 2:

She felt the warm air from his snout to her hand, the soft coat on her cheek. She heard the happy panting and smelled the doggie breath. Tears rolled down her face from her useless eyes while her parents filmed the first meeting of their young, blind daughter and her first service dog.

She turned around and presented her ass to the beast. It was well trained and bred for its large cock and constant horniness. He knotted that virgin pussy and humped her like a vibrating toy on overcharged batteries while she moaned so loud it distorted the sound of the video.

Her parents were so happy to see her happy. Loneliness, at least, has a cure.

Chester came quickly but kept his knot deep and his cock humping. He could do this forever.

Extreme 1:

"So, how was your date with V̶̨̨̫̞͖̣̺̣̱̤̫̜̟̔̉̄̂͜͝ô̴̢̭̼͈̂̈̈́͊̅͌̕͝r̴̠̲̥̰̳̺͔̗̯̈̏̆͑̌̋́ǎ̴̡̭͎͕͙̮̀͆̆͂̊͗̂̐̊̚x̷͍͍̠̤̤̗̟͍̮̙͖̎́͌͛́̅͐̒̆̌͠͝͝ͅͅ?"

"Oh my god, Becky, I don't think i can ever date guys with dicks shorter than 6 feet again. He took me to a realm where time is infinite and every sensation is increased by like a thousand, and he smashed my pussy so hard the doctors say I'll never walk again."


"Yeah, and then he time-kidnapped a younger version of myself and destroyed her ass with my broken body as a condom. I could feel everything she felt. My tubes are so full of his cum, I bet I'm going to get pregnant with half-god babies every month for the rest of my life."

"Amazing. Does he have a brother you can hook me up with?"

Extreme 2:

Other than having been abducted by aliens as a child, Rebecca has led a normal, happy life. She's ready to date, but space tinder isn't great at matching species through compatible physiology and mating habits. She dreams of one day finding her dream partner: any being with a single penis shorter than 2 feet long and who understands what a vagina is for.

Her current one-night-stand is not ‘the one.’ His six cocks are divided evenly between her ass and urethra. At this point, she's just hoping she won’t be throwing up and passing eggs for a week.