Mini-Project + October Plans + Charity Update

Since people seem to like Ochaco Uraraka a lot, I've got an idea for a little mini-project I can put out fairly quickly.
6 base-coloured sketch packs + a short comic strip, all fetish stuff centered around Ochaco.

I'll post each one here individually as they're completed - my pledge is to guarantee at least $20 of content each month (according to my pricing guide for individual purchases via my website), so your $10+ pledge gets you your full money's worth, all content for less than half of what I sell it for elsewhere.

As for the rest of the month, I have to do that Shantae & Risky piece I promised, and it's about time I finished that Nia (XBC2) art from way back.
After that, there's some fanart of Fasha I started that I'd like to finish, plus putting out an update for Triple Treat by the end of the month. Not sure what else I may work on if there's time left.
I'll mostly be working on lining the tickle fight scene and various other changes.
I'm glad I've been able to stream more lately, and I hope to make this a more regular thing.

Regarding the Haruhi / KyoAni charity, I had an appointment with my bank today, but it's been moved to tomorrow. (I frankly don't trust moving that amount of money online.)
Will update once the money has been sent!

I have one other update, regarding my Twitter activity.
I'm personally of the belief that you should get all of someone, or none of them.
There are a lot of people / projects / companies etc. I stopped supporting once I found out certain things about them, but at the same time, I'd rather know than not know.
However, I understand that many people don't like the serious stuff and just want updates about content.
So I've started a poll to gauge opinion (can't guarantee it'll decide it, though) on whether people would prefer I keep everything on the one account, or keep the Screampunk Arts Twitter for art etc., and make a separate, personal Twitter as Rin Satsu for the serious stuff like politics etc.
There's a week left to vote, and I'd really like to know you guys' opinions:

Thank you all for being patient with me, and thank you all so very much for your continued support~ 💚