Looking for trouble 3 - 3D comic

The 3rd chapter of "Looking for trouble" 3D comic with my original dialogues and story-line.

Even though this was meant to be a cheaply made comic, it took more of my time to make than intended. hopefully it's an improvement over the previous chapters in quality.

Trying to improve the quality and all of the experimenting with the render settings took its toll on my laptop and these days my graphic card just turns off after every render. but don't worry, I'm saving to buy a proper computer.

From this point forward, I wouldn't wait for the last page to finish and will share every page immediately after it's finished, they would be exclusive for my patreons but don't worry, eventually after the last page you will get the whole thing as a package for free.

There are Three version of this comic:

1) One with narration from Otaku Apologist you can find here: https://otakusexart.com/comic/3d-sex-comic-looking-for-trouble-3-dialog-page-0/ 2) One with my original story and dialogue (it didn't go trough spell checking, inform me if there's any mistakes) 3) And one without any dialogue (you can add your own story to it and distribute it with the condition to not remove or cover any of the links and names on the comic and give the credits to both Otaku Apologist and me.

I would love to see your version if you have ever made one so, leave a comment if you did. You can find the link to download it for free in one of the posts on my patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/KiaAzad