January 2020 Blog

There's a lot of information I need to state again, since my Subscribestar has been inactive for several months.

First off, Trial of the Erect Sword (TOTES) development has been frozen over a new project I have started producing in September 2019. This new project is code-named: Forest of the Fallen Maiden. Let's call it "Forest" in short. I am also in negotiations with a publisher who I've been making good communications with so far.

This new project has been going smooth so far, despite the major events that occurred in the span of 4 months. The project will feature a lot of CG animations as well as CG event scenes. Each CG animation has variations, particularly with how the main character reacts to sex as she gets more sexual experience. Along with the main portrait animation of the character, I have produced 4/10 base sex animations, which are all the animations I intend to put in an official demo version.

Right now, I'm working on producing at least 2 CG Event scenes for the demo build. This might all be done around the end of January.

Hope everyone looks forward to the game, as I will become very active in sharing my activities this time!

Also, Discord integration is active, so please join my Discord if you want to see more of my acitivities and say hello!