Thanks for viewing my page!

I am an independent Game developer working in my free time to create games and YouTube tutorial videos. I am passionate about everything I create and love gaming, although creating my own content is what I really Love.

I am mainly focused on creating Video games for adults, as well as running my YouTube channel which provides tutorials for Ren'Py and Daz Studio, although I will be adding different things to my channel soon.

What does your support mean to me?
Your support allows me to spend more time working on my games and YouTube videos. The more time I can spend on these things the higher quality I can achieve and upload content more regularly. Once I can go full time I will be able to update my games weekly(or close to it). It also allows me to buy new game assets. With enough support I will be able to bring in extra help that would mean more frequent updates that contain more content and animations. Your support is greatly appreciated no matter how much you can afford. 


These links and the ones provided at the official site are the ONLY official downloads. If you acquire the files from anywhere else I accept no responsibility for any of the content.

Deeper:  v0.01202002
Hopeless Infatuation: 

Dev plan:
I am currently working on Deeper. I am aware that there are several unreported bugs so I am going to have to play test it myself which will take some time. Whilst I am doing this I will be updating more renders. If bug testing and fixing goes smoothly I will add more scenes to the Sarah Story arc to progress that story a little more.