Big'ol monthly post! Build 10 Change Log! First Sex Sim Gameplay! New Hair! And other plans for this month!

Sorry for the rushed post last month, didn't really explain anything lol. But now i have a bit of time to make a big'ol post for the month. 

First lets look at what was done in build 10! This build is experimental cause a lot of shit is likely broken.

Build 10 Change log

  • First sex sim gameplay featuring a cowgirl animation! Bolt is pretty amazing and i managed to build a very basic sex sim gameplay system. Includes pump speed, entry and pull out, cumming for the player and Naomi independently and together. The game automatically sets a camera angle for each animation for more ease of use, and as with any other scene you can toggle POV or the free camera! My goal is for these scenes to play out in a more cinematic format with the option to control the camera.  Animations for now are very very basic cause i just wanted this to work.
  • Preview of laid back couch scene (pictured above)! Just a simple pose but an example of what i planned there, may change but i plan to animate it soon.
  • Ability to toggle visibility of male avatar! You can now toggle full body or just hands for the male avatar, it's use is clear in the above laid back scene. 
  • New painting post process effect! But i forgot to enable the toggle for that so look forward to it next build lol...There's some other toggles to be added too for existing effects.


  • Animation glitches, at one point Naomi's hand zips really far down lol. 
  • Couch preview scene is broken when returning to the main menu.
  • Dof slider still doesn't work as expected

Awesome, Sex Sim!

Yeah, basically this initial version was easier than I expected. At this point I have the basics of everything I need except the "daily system".  

My plan for the sex sim stuff is for it to have the same features as The Couch including alternate poses for the main position, groping options (Including pet), and cum effects. But experiments for all that will be in due time as i fine solutions for it. You can see some previews of alternate positions below.

This system is intended to apply universally to any additional scenes so i should only need to load the initial pose and the rest works from there. I'll also add the option to change location for some poses, attempting to keep this universal too.

Once this system reaches the features of The Couch i'll be back porting these features to The Couch and trying to wrap that game up.

Whats coming this month?

My goal for this month is largely preparation for a content focus for the next 2/3 months.  In other words I'm gonna sit on doing the daily system for a while and just focus on giving you guys animations and outfits. I may do some work on Cum effects and sound effects, but besides that it's just content.

But that means this month likely won't have much updates in terms of a build, all supporters get at least one build fixing the issues with Build 10, and the rest of the month will be related to the preparation stuff. 

There's several reason for this. Main reason is moving to Unity 2019, and moving assets to Blender 2.8. This is going to require a shit ton of updates to animations since my rigging system will need to be updated meaning hand animations may be broken and some other stuff. Then there's potential issues with Unity 2019 i have to worry about. 

Second reason is i'm working out plot details for Our Apartment and that may take a while, for this reason the content focus may focus more on Sex Sim than VN/dialogue driven scenes cause I need to place these scenes in the story so their use is effective.

Third is there's some critical model updates to Naomi I want/need to make. Improving her hair model, improving proportions and improving skinning. This should be the last time i need to make any critical update like this for a long time. And it's just better to do it while doing all this other stuff.

Fourth is just I wanna make some proper content to show off XD. And with the nicer renders I can make easily in Blender 2.8 I can do more nicer previews and promote this game and support platform more. I got some assets to make compatible and add to the customizer, run a thing where people can submit socks. Bunch of fun stuff i want to do thats difficult when focusing on dev stuff. 

So while things may seem slow this month, the next 2-3 months after this one will be very active content wise. There will likely be some polls too. So please look forward to that!

Naomi model updates?

Yup! Mostly the hair and her body proportions. I did a mock up of the hair in blender 2.8 to help me visualize things with particle hair. So the goal is for her hair to look messier.

Rendered in 2.8
And also updating the textures too for the hair, it might not be able to look as good as this, but i aim to get as close as feasible. I'll probably use this particle hair for animation previews though. :P

The proportional issues might be less noticeable for some but will allow me to do certain poses and not have them look weird. Not much else to say there.

Some other updates may be Naomi's main outfit will transition to a marvelous designer version, and she'll finally have multiple states of undress for it. Like for instance Pulled up, and pulled down. Same with panties being able to be pulled to the side or on ankles.

That's all in this update for now, thanks for your support and thanks to the new people who joined last month! I'll probably have a public release soon.

Thanks for your support!