082 - Amiibo? More Like: "I'm A Weeaboo". Amirite?

Sup, Bros!
Did you hear the news? Mr. PewDiePie got married to a human being! Disgraceful! So disappointed... Real men marry JPEG files! Welcome to Monday Post #82 - your main source of weekly family-friendly content. I spent this week in the comfort of my home, Dragon Quest Demo is out and I bought my first Amiibo figurine. So many things to discuss! Let's get into it! 

I'm back.
My vacation is over! Here is to another year of non-stop grinding! ^_^ I am not particularly good at relaxing (to be honest, with every passing year it get's harder to just chill), but being away from my workstation for a while really helped me take my mind off of things. Again, thank you for not ripping me a new one for taking this break. I mean I would've taken it anyways, but you being super chill about it gave me an additional peace of mind <3

New Patrons.
Usually once every 3 to 5 days I get a 'New Patron' notification. Seeing that notification always makes me feel warm and fussy inside :) I really appreciate it, guys. Here is to all the newcomers! Cheers!

Nintendo Fanboy.
Since these days I barely play on anything but my bellowed Switch I figured I got to get me one of those Amiibo thingies ^_^ Even though I never played any of the Metroid games I decided I need the Samus Zero Suit one. And thanks to PlayAsia I have it now. Yay. So happy ^_^ Don't really plan on getting anymore to be honest. Just needed this one to put on my desk :)

The work.
It's been 9 weeks since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. So we are officially past 2 months mark with this one. But I am not worried. Do you know why? Two reasons. 

Reason #1:
my vacation ate up 2 weeks, so if we take that into account we are still on schedule.  

Reason #2:
Episode 08 will worth it. I don't know, it maybe my post-vacation enthusiasm speaking but I have bug hopes for episode 08 :) 

Dragon Quest XI Demo is out!
I know that game was on PS4 for ages but I completely ignored it for some reason. Well, maybe it was for the better since now I can enjoy it on Switch. ^_^ So anyway, I downloaded the demo the moment it was out and absolutely loved every second of it. I know pre-orders are for loosers, but I really want to pre-order this one now :) 

Astral Chain.
  Only few more days left!  So looking forward to that one! :) Also I am still playing Fire Emblem Three Houses. So many great games to choose, from. What a time to be alive :) 

Fellow Captains.
Two people sent me friend requests in Azur Lane. Added right away. We Shikikans must stick together.

The work part 2.
I spent this week working on the remaining art assets. Managed to get done a lot to be honest. Only one major thing is left. If all goes well should be done with it by Wednesday and after that I will finally be able to move on to the most exciting part: assembling and testing the scenes :)

The Teaser.
Spoiling things is bad but teasing things is good, right? New outfit and a new location to visit ^_^ Coming Soon*

And that's it.
Honestly I am surprisingly hyped for episode 08. Again, it maybe just because I finally had some rest and feel a bit more energetic than usual now, but I literally can't wait to share the episode with you guys and see what you think. Coming Soon*

The GIF.
Can't finish the post without a GIF of course. Thank you for your support guys, as usual. See you in the comment section :)