As I mentioned in the previous post, I ended up spending a lot of time refactoring the sex position code for this update, in order to get all sex positions correctly supporting taur bodies (as well as to support more precise positioning actions). While I was able to add some other things as well, I didn't really have enough time to get all of the reported bugs fixed, so I might have to release a hotfix mid-next-week, depending on how buggy this turns out to be.

I also need to tidy up and edit some of the new 'buying Brax' dialogue, as I didn't have time before this release to properly proof-read it (so I'm sure there are a few mistakes in there). There's also a bug in the prologue sex scene at the moment, in which the new positioning actions don't work (although they work everywhere else in the game).

I'll make a post early next week to say whether or not there will be a hotfix. ^^

(Sorry if this post feels a little rushed, I've been up all night adding the "Buying Brax" content, and feel quite tired. Also, sorry for being a little late with this release!)

Version 0.3.4 Download Links

Pre-zipped: Mega
Full folder: Google Drive

.exe (for Windows):
Pre-zipped: Mega
Full folder: Google Drive

32-bit .exe (for 32-bit Windows)
Pre-zipped: Mega
Full folder: Google Drive

Version 0.3.4 Patch Notes

Added a content toggle for 'sadistic sex', which now needs to be turned on in order for actions such as slapping, choking, and spitting to be available during sex. (This content is set to 'off' by default, so you'll need to manually enable it in the content options if you want to see or use this content.)
Added ability to masturbate almost anywhere in the game, via an action in your phone menu.
Added small side quest to buy Brax from Candi.

Fixed bug where combat would sometimes freeze/crash when using effects that targeted multiple combatants. (PR#1190 by Shadowheart329)

Added ability to define itemTags based on the slot that a piece of clothing is to be equipped into. Updated the template folder's 'socks.xml' file to show how this is defined.
Added 'physical' as an available damage type for bucklers.
Added support for weapons to have natural physical shielding. Added 0.5 natural physical shielding to crude shields, and 1 natural physical shielding to bucklers.

Refactored the positioning code, and added a new system of position selection for when you're a dominant participant in sex (or if you have the same level of control as the dom).
Pure virgin fetishists now gain fetish experience at the end of sex (if they have satisfied their partners) based on if their vagina, penis, ass, and mouth are still virginal.
Lusty maiden fetishists gain experience at the end of sex (also having needed to satisfy their partners) if they have retained their vaginal virginity, as well as had their ass or mouth penetrated, or performed hotdogging or paizuri/naizuri.
Added a 'Prostate massage' sex action, available for the performer of anal fingering if the recipient has a penis, and also added a line to describe prostate milking for if a cahracter cums while someone is anally fingering them.
Added 'Encourage creampie' and Encourage pullout' orgasm preparation actions, for when the targeted character is penetrating a third character in sex. These requests are influenced by the 'convincing requests' perk, although the targeted character may ignore you if they are not submissive, have more control in the scene than you do, or are an unruly slave.
Information regarding whether a character will listen to your requests or not is now displayed in their 'desires' status effect's tooltip.
Added a 'spit in face' sex action, which is locked behind the new 'sadistic sex' toggle.
Added vaginal and anal penetration description variations for non-bipedal characters, so they aren't described as being able to reach their partner's cock in order to guide it into their orifices anymore.
Added double-penetration actions and description variations, allowing two characters to be simultaneously penetrating a character's vagina or asshole.
Added a setting in the furry preferences to set how furry you want randomly-generated NPC taurs to be. By default, this setting is set to 'normal', which means that all taurs will spawn in with fully-human upper bodies.

Made some minor improvements to some sex action descriptions.
Removed almost all String character restrictions for saved game names and saved enchantment names. Only the double quotation mark character is restricted.
Altered health icons to use a heart symbol, instead of a lightning bolt.
Added a calendar entry for the month of June (in the calendar menu in your room).
Added option to change age appearance in demon and slime self-transformation menus.
Compacted information in the character view page, and added the character's birthday information (only displayed if you know their name and they are friendly towards you, or if you are their mother or owner).
Added indication in characters' information tooltip, and their information page, for if they are significantly taller or shorter than you.
Characters now only need a wolf-morph's arms in order to unlock the 'Savage attack' special attack.
Slightly adjusted maximum arousal increments in multiple-partner sex.
The minimap now correctly displays unexplored tiles as black squares.
Increased chance for muggers to spawn with weapons from 50% to 90%.
Added a secondary confirmation click for removing friendly occupants from your house or their apartments.
Added indication in the 'Toggle Calendar Display' tooltip text that you need to look at the calendar in your room to reveal the date.

Fixed major issue where starting some sex scenes (such as Pix's) would result in a background error, causing any of your clothes which were stripped to not be returned to you after the sex scene.
Fixed bug where selecting the 'sex' tab when interacting with a slave or occupant in their room would cause the game to freeze/break.
Fixed an issue where having sex with slaves/occupants would display them as being both a submissive and dominant participant.
Several typo and parsing fixes.
Father's day content can now correctly be triggered on the 14th June.
Fixed issue where selecting sex actions which were outside of your corruption range would not give you an increase in corruption.
The phone icon is now correctly greyed-out during the prologue.
You and Lilaya no longer lose your clothes after having sex with Desryth in his/her apartment.
Lilaya now correctly puts her lab coat outfit on when returning from an evening out with Desryth. (This will also reset her clothing to her lab outfit when you load into this version.)
Fixed characters with flat chests being described as having 'null' breasts/pecs under the character information tooltip.
The 'Double creampie' action is now correctly unavailable if the secondary target's orifice is blocked or already in use.
Fixed the error.log file getting spammed with warnings if you entered Lilaya's lab without having started the Father's day quest.
If Lilaya is a half-demon, her skin and hair colours will be reset to their correct values when loading into this version.
Fixed bug where when resisting in sex, sometimes using an action wouldn't work for one turn.
Fixed issue where if you loaded a pre-saved enchantment of a differing type to the item you're viewing in your inventory, the game would sometimes freeze when pressing the 'Back' button.
Fixed issue where saved games with a single quote character in them would not load.
Fixed enchantment menu displaying a clothing/weapon capacity cost for fertility and virility enchantments.
Fixed characters having their hoofed feet referred to as normal feet in some orgasm descriptions.
Fixed some actions not being available when in the 'standing face-to-face' sex position.
Rose now correctly unequips her strapon after her dominant sex scene, and Kalahari correctly replaces her clothes after interacting with you.
Fixed NPCs reacting to your orgasms when you were a spectator in sex.
Fixed speech in sex not being muffled even if your tongue was busy inside an orifice.
Fixed issue where spectators in sex would have their area availability limited by what position the actual participants were in. (Was most noticeable in mating-press, where spectators would be unable to use their fingers.)
Fixed bug in sex where characters would never remove their equipped sex toys in order to start the actions they wanted. (So, for example, if they have a butt-plug equipped, and want to receive anal, they will now correctly remove it to do so.)
Fixed bug where your character would not be affected by changes to age appearance, and corrected code such that your character's age is handled like any other character's, although you gain a -3 year age modifier upon entering the new world.
Fixed issue where repeat actions in sex could be used on a third character who shouldn't have been able to have had those actions performed on them.
Fixed some game-breaking bugs related to clicking out of the debug menu instead of closing it manually.
Fixed bug where any character orgasming while receiving a handjob would sometimes break sex.
Fixed incorrect descriptions in the 'Receive anilingus' sex action.
Fixed bug where some expected sex actions would be missing in some positions.
Fixed several incorrect sex action descriptions and parsing.
Fixed bug where futa characters couldn't simultaneously fuck one another.
You are now correctly banned from asking for the same position request after being denied it once.
Amber now correctly ends sex after orgasming enough times to be satisfied, instead of after her first orgasm.
Fixed Ralph's sex scene never accepting your request for a big discount.
Fixed being able to initiate penetration when locked in the breeding stall, and being able to lie in your back if you were a taur.
Fixed bug where the game would sometimes freeze when generating a new character's outfit.
October cultists now correctly prefer to get you to eat them out before giving them a blowjob, as their dialogue implied.
Fixed NPC's sex AI not stopping oral actions even if they were blocking the NPC from performing their desired action.
Fixed issue in Lyssieth's demon TF scenes, where even though the descriptions were of her cumming inside of you, the effects (getting a creampie) would sometimes fail to be applied.
Fixed characters in the glory hole not having their inventory slots concealed.
Fixed issues with characters being able to penetrate you in impossible-to-reach areas while you were fucking them.
Fixed background errors being thrown when hovering the cursor over the right-hand-side's inventory panel during masturbation.
Characters who are spectating sex can no longer deny orgasms of those who are actively involved.
Offspring now correctly have their body stats slightly randomised from their base values.
Amber, Zaranix, Kelly, and Katherine now self-transform back into their preferred bodies when you leave Zaranix's house.
Time now correctly passes in the scenes in which you give birth.
The status effect 'arcane impotence' (gained when a cahracter's arcane stat is under 5) now correctly limits that character's maximum aura to 5 (as the status effect's tooltip said it should be doing).