Progress Report 8/22/19

I figured it was past time I made a proper progress report again.

We've got a LOT going on right now across the board.  

I've been spending a lot of time  adding submissions to Inheritance recently, and next week's build should be the largest we've ever released.  Between new scenes and code, we're at around 90k words of new content spanning two new functions (Reading in the library, drinking with Misaki and couch sex with Misaki), one new location (Nightclub in town.), two new NPCs, and 39 scenes to the game (Not counting the functions in the game)  All of that, and I've still got ten submitted scenes that I'm still working on, of which I hope to add at least a couple more to the game by week's end.  The amount of new content is absolutely staggering.

At the same time, I decided to make this week a Last Stand of Ra week.  As of today, I've finished up the fourth quest, added full cheat functionality, updated a lot of the in-game lore entries, and added new art to the game.

What I've been trying to do since there's such a backlog of submitted scenes is that I'm starting my day by coding one submission in the morning, then moving over to Last Stand to work the rest of the day.  Basically, that means that Last Stand is getting about 80% of my time each day (I know, it's a Last Stand week, but I'll make it up to all of you, promise.  ;) )

Really turning into a pretty good week, following what's been a rather exceptional couple of weeks.  Going to be great getting to show off all the new content to all of you fine people!