Yo guys, finally decided to take a look at the PAP K3S again !

For those unaware, its a PAP K3 successor with a screen resolution of 800x480. That's unusually high for Ingenic JZ4760B devices. In fact, it's maybe too high as performance suffers as a result of the screen resolution.

Also, the console, like the PAP K3 Plus, is notorious for being difficult to disassemble. Never fear though, my CFW can be installed without any disassembly.

I also fixed the TV out issue that previous release had and its working... somewhat. The quality is extremely poor. But at least you get something and people won't bitch me to it about the lack of TV out support !

Have a PAP K3S and want to give it a try ? Check out my topic here : https://boards.dingoonity.org/ingenic-jz4760-devices/pap-k3s-useless-cfw-alpha/msg189391/

I will release another video about it soonish too. Maybe after i get my PocketGo and some other stuff...