Dev Update #117

As always after a release, the week has been busy with various things and despite having removed some lines from my task list I feel like I didn't advance much.

The Trello board.
I reworked it. I'll post more detailed information for each task, like numbers of words, images posed and rendered... You will be able to visualize my progress more easily.

The trigger lists.
They are up to date and I added a trigger list for the dom paths and the Moronic Hero, Evil Asshole and Psychotic Knight Path. Some paths are still missing but they are very straightforward for now, so I don't think they really are necessary. Let me know if you feel the need for those!

Story map.
I reworked the story map.
I can tell you that Day 6 part 2 will contain 8 new scenes.

New environments.
I started working on them. So far, I'm not really happy with what I come up with. I have a fairly precise idea of what I want but I struggle to find the assets I need. I spent about three hours searching for some decent seamless patterns today. And it wasn't a pleasing experience.

Release for Gunners.
Tomorrow is release day, again, this time for the gunner tier.
I'm building the distribution as I write these lines and I will upload them during the night.
Summer Scent v0.6.1b will bring some typo and bug and logic error corrections.

Thank you for your support!
The Naughty Captain.