Build 21

Windows (64bit, 32bit), Linux, Mac.

Alternative links: Mega, Drive.

Cheat code is here.

Game walkthrough.

Hey folks, Katie update is finally ready for its prime time!

The Velvet Oasis brothel is in trouble and Esther need a reliable ally to sort things out, with the promise of a fun reward with Katie! In addition to a new quest in the brothel arc, we implemented a lot of improvements to our combat system, and added two new locations.

As usual, the save named "Build21" will place you in front of the new content, and we updated the walkthrough with the new brothel quest. Let us know here or in discord if you find any bug or typo.

We plan to release the next update in early December, with some big development on main quest, so stay tuned!



  • [Patreon] Second brothel quest.
  • [Patreon] Katie scene with 2 animated CG.
  • 1 collectible pinup of Katie.
  • 2 special sprites for Katie.
  • Terri anal animations.
  • The main character appearance can be customized in the cheats.
  • Improve Esther dialogue portrait.
  • Improve Katie dialogue portrait.
  • Knight on a Pike inn second floor location.
  • Knight on a Pike innkeeper sprite.
  • New Old Docks warehouse locations.
  • The combat fog of war now handles multiple characters.
  • Enemies behind walls in combat are now visible.
  • The prologue first fight happens in the world rather than an instanced location.
  • Highlight characters limbs behind walls in combat.
  • Highlight the characters on which a given skill can be executed this turn.
  • New skill wheel to execute skills quickly (hold left mouse button on the target).
  • Combat portrait animations.
  • Show the characters movement range.
  • Show the current skill range.
  • Visual combat cell effects for reactions and delayed actions, with tool-tips.
  • Combat cell selection animation.
  • Show which health bar is associated with the limb under the mouse.