Hello again!

I just wanted to give you a quick update to say that the full release of v0.3.4 is expected to be out in two days from now. I had hoped to have it out tonight, but the sex positioning code refactor I decided to do ended up taking a lot longer than I thought it would. As a result, there are still some semi-major bugs and untested changes in the current code, and so I thought it would be best to push the full release back by a couple of days, rather than release what I have now, and then have to make a hotfix for the weekend anyway.

Just to show that there is progress being made towards this next version, I've pushed my local code to the github's dev branch again. I'd advise against building and playing it right now, however, as there are still some bugs that I need to fix.

I also just wanted to explain why I decided to do this positioning refactor (instead of other, more fun, things):
1. All positions currently do not support taurs correctly, and adding new sex content in this current state is just making more work that will need to be refactored later on.
2. Not all sex positions support 4 doms and 4 subs, which is what I'm aiming to have support for across all the game's sex scenes.
3. Positioning actions in sex need to be completely revamped so that you can set exactly who goes into what slot, as the current positioning actions are getting very messy and confusing to navigate.
4. The old positioning code is split into two parallel implementations at the moment, which again is causing several issues whenever I go to add another sex scene.
5. I wanted to be able to add new slots to sex positions (such as scissoring and lap-pillow), and the current system makes this a very messy business.

So I decided to get this refactor done now before it got to be too big. Now that it's done, I'll get these last bugs fixed and add the long-awaited 'buying Brax' content, with an expected (and maybe too optimistic?) target for having the full release out on Friday night. (So hopefully ~48 hours from this post.)