Dev Update #116

The last dev update before the release.
I have yet to make and upload the builds but everything should be ready for tomorrow.

I'll start with the bad news.
Your saves may not be compatible with the new release.
I modified the code of previous episodes and those changes have consequences.
Some saves will load just fine but won't allow you to roll back, some others will have you restart at the start of the previous scene, and some others just won't load properly.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I had no other choice.
This will happen again in the future, as I'll have to rework some old code to implement new features.

What's next?
I have many things to do before I can really start working on part 2.
  • Rework the Trello Board.
    The board is no longer an efficient way to present the progression of the development. I need to rethink it for something more detailed.
  • Updat the trigger lists.
    That's going to be the first thing I'll work on this week. Most of the trigger lists are fine but I'll need to put together a map for some paths that got... a bit more complicated.
  • Rework the story map.
    As I changed my plans and the way I split the story into several parts, I need to rework some elements and see if I can make smaller updates and still keep a balanced content. I already began working on that part but nothing is really fixed so far.
  • Create characters and environments.
    I'll need four to five new characters and at least four new environments for part 2. I'll need to hunt the assets I need and create the ones I miss.

To these immediate tasks, I can already add a few features I want to include in part 2.
  • Music!
    And maybe even some sound effects. It's something I can't postpone anymore.
  • Rework the point system.
    I'm not happy with the point system currently in the game. I want something more visual and simple. I have ideas to work on.
  • Rework the notification system.
    There again. I'm not happy with the current notifications. I want something more flexible and useful to the player.

With these new features, Summer Scent should begin to feel like a proper game.

Day 6 part 1 early access for Sailing Masters starts tomorrow.
I hope you'll like it!

As always, thank you for your support and your patience.
The Naughty Captain