The plan for my activity in the near future:

Over the next comeing weeks, i will amp up this SubscribeStar-profile. I will integrate my news-groups on Minds; 1814 Norske Nyheter, 1776 News, Pink on Fire and Kristian Eik Show, as well as my art-crations like political cartoons and satire-cartoons as well as memes.

I will also create more news-groups, such as Kristian Eik Show International and Asia Pulse. I did plan to create an Youtube-account, but as it becomes more clear that they are part of the same social media problem as Facebook and Twitter - within the same social justice bouble, i will rather focus on Bitchute, and in the same spirit i will become active on Jordan Peterson's platform ThinkSpot.

I have however planed to get up an complete list of my Youtube-log, where you can see the videoes that informs my view, what forms my entertainment as well as my understanding of the situvations arround the world - outside the mainstream media. Youtube, for the time being, still functions as an important source of information.

I will focus more on the podcast-consept, where i will talk about news and world-happenings, but an big question have been where to post this podcast. Youtube have became an less attractive platform as time have passed in recent years, so option one is Minds. An new option wich recently have come to my attention, is Spotify, wich seems to be ramping up its podcast-potential, with an new deal with Joe Rogan. Eventually i will get up an video-podcast, wich the most natural place would be Minds and Bitchute.

I have for the past months worked as an journalist and podcast-host for the Norwegian 24/7NYHETER newsoutlet, but i will decrease my workflow within this new newsoutlet, started in 2019, and focus more on my own projects, like the webshop - soon to come fully translatable in english for an international costumerbase. I am also workin on an book-project, about the Norwegian political phenomen equal to the American trump-derangement syndrome, a consept wich i call the FRP-syndrome in Norwegian. FrP, Fremskritspartiet ("foreward-moveing party") is an rigth-wing party in Norway, and as the whole political spectre as well in Norway is shifting more to the left (wich effect absolutley all parties, of both political sides), it is the only party in the Norwegian political system wich is rigth-wing. And for this sin, it is protraied as far-rigth and nazistic by the political correct mainstream and political elite.

In other words, we are takeing part in the same cultural war as is happening in America - wich is something i have been focused on and woken up to as an gradual red-pill awakening for the past years. In 2009-2010 i did some work on an unfinished documentary, asking the question if feminism had gone too far. The backlash was enourmous and the power of the backlash-hit was frankly chocking. For personal reasons - there was and have been alot of things happening in my life wich have taken years to process and raise above, the production was never fully finsished, but im sitting on intervjues with people such as professor at the University of Uottawa, Janice Fiamengo and author Gail Dines.

The years 2011-1013 was dedicated to refineing my grades and education in order to climb my way into the University, wich i was amitted to in 2014. I attemted several courses on the humanistic fraction of the University until 2017, and i was again chocked of what i experianced. Everything you hear about the fall of the Universities on the Humanities-appartment is true - as well as the fact that this is spilling out and posining the rest of society, and seaping into the politics.

My view is that this can only go one way if left to its own device - an communistic revolution and overtake of the West, and this can happen faster then most realize. As i saw the problems in America unfuld from 2014, i belived i had 5 years to warn my fellow citizens about the dangers of following the radical political ideology of the far left insanity. The process however took 1-2 years, and the far left in Norway are as deep into the destructive ideology as the American far left. One explaination of this may be that we both have been infiltrated by the same kind of communitic Soviet-moles - mainly University-professors in communistic sleeping cells, slowly conspireing an future revolution of the West. This is an conspiracy-theory with alot of meat on the bone, as we say, and it becomes more plasable as you dive deeper into the culture war. This is not a entieraly new thing, there are alot going on behind the curtains, and there has been for a long long time. 

And the internet have ramped up the reach of their propaganda-effecency, and this is what we see today; their internet-based propaganda-tools reaping their seeds. 

The information-war is real, and i will do my part on the online battlefield, against their propaganda, and for freedom, our democracy and freedom of speech, of wich Eiktek and my own cloth-brand Ukrenkelig Ytringsfrihet ("undesputable freedom of speech") was founded on. Ukrenkelig Ytringsfrihet was the first product that was put up on the webshop, and it has been my inspiration to further expand the consept. But more about Eiktek at another time. 

I have already driftet way off topic, wich i have an tendancy to do. But maby this kind of updates will be an intresting consept to keep up with, updateing you guys and potential girls on my progress, plans and thinking. 

Follow me on Minds @Kristian_Eik, and if you will, support me by subscribeing to me here on SubscribeStar. The future is in our hands - so lets figth to protect the rigths that our ancestors gave us, with their blood and lifes.