Snow Daze Preview: New Scenes!
One of the reasons we decided to go with a remake was because there were scenes I had written we simply couldn't get the art for. Now that we have the art team at Critical Bliss working on the art, we can add extra scenes to the day. This is day one, giving you a special bonus for very good players. 

The team starts out with sketches and composition, trying out different looks for the scene.

Posing Practice

Once a look is settled on, the artists then use dark horrible art magics to bring the characters to life.

Just Add Detail

Finally, the work is refined. I give it a final inspection before sending it off for color.

I'm blue da bo dee

While I'm not going to show off the color version of that scene yet, I'll give you an example of one that is. We've settled on a new, nice style that'll be consistent through everything. Every scene will be well done with new art added and extremely high quality throughout. I hope you enjoy the game when it's ready to come out! We're blazing right through!