Welcome, dark acolyte!

I'm Cheri, the creator of lewd Crusader Kings 2 mods such as:

To make these mods, I spend thousands of hours researching, programming, writing, and debugging for free. I want to create the highest quality mods for Crusader Kings 2, but that's only possible if I have the means to keep doing so. If you enjoy my mods and would like to support what I do, please consider donating or subscribing. Thank you!

Reminder: I do not own any of these sounds or illustrations (except a few interface icons in Tentacled Dreams). All donations through SubscribeStar are for my programming and writing work only. The full list of artwork sources can be found in my respective mod threads - this mod would not be possible without these amazing artists, so go and support them too!

Want to chat directly? Join the Tentacled Dreams channel on the House Irae Discord