Version 0.2a Release for 5$+ Subscribers!

It's Show Time!

I know, the wait was far too long and I apologize for that, but version 0.2 is finally here!

WARNING - I had to change a script, so old saves won't work!


- Scripts: I've replaced the quest-log with a better one; this one should be bug-free.

- Interface: I've replaced the original window skin of the game with a custom-made one; if you don't like it, just open the game folder --> Graphics --> System , and delete, or just rename "Window.png"

- Maps:  I've slightly changed the upper map of Veisen ( the one connecting to the church area and the graveyard), I've also added some animals around Veisen, like cats walking around, birds flying from roof to roof and such,  and smokes coming out of chimneys; this should make the city a little more "lively" I hope ^.^

- To fix a little "plot hole", I've added a few sentences to the dialogue between Pheles and Nicci at the Capital's gates, where Nicci explains why the citizens of Veisen won't recognize her, even if the nun she's possessing was trained there.

- Added a standing picture of Kristy, a new succubus!

- Added 2 new standing pictures of Charlie, a new "character".

- I've added the first chain event for Kreiss, for a total of 14 images! + another interaction with him, with a different standing picture.

- I've added the first Juliette's event, with three variants, for a total of 12 images!

- I've added the first Theresa's event, with three variants, for a total of 12 images!

- Of course, all those events have additional sprites!

 - Thanks to Hoboy for the usual great work at proofreaing the game!

Here's the LINK to the post.

Have fun!