Welcome Aboard, folks!

I'm starting a second (backup) page for Zuleyka Games on Patreon.
But maybe it'll be our main crowdfunding hub soon.
Our studio is trying to survive on Patreon

Thanks to the crazy Patreon censorship and their unprofessional moderation of an adult content by Trust&Safety team.
How to create a hot porn stuff, if Patreon has banned creators even with soft BDSM scenes?!

I hope the Subscribestar will be safe place for Zuleyka Games. We're enjoying to create hardcore 3D/2D porn scenes and we glad to have a freedom to share our adult games/porn comics with people who like rough fucking without any censorship! :)

On our Subscribestar page you'll get the same content as on Patreon, but it'll be much more Freedom for all of us...

- public posts with nudity/erotic stuff
- writing without censorship
- direct links to downloads for backers
- unique comics/games with extreme fetishes that we can't share on Patreon

Thanks to all who supporting us in such hard times!