Hello everyone!  Welcome to AJ's personal SubscribeStar page!

AJ is the owner of Clover Coin Designs & Flipside; Tail Side Up. A disabled creative who likes to spend all her time creating original artwork, stories, and worlds. This page is pretty much a guilty pleasure blog for me. I use to be able to write all my content through tumblr/blogging but lost all of it once the great nsfw-purge happened.

I plan to make this subscribe star page my own person NSFW blog and fictional erotic content sharing that I create. It's going to be completely self indulgent thing and I hope it's a lot of fun. I'm excited to be able to share it all with anyone who is interested. If I get no tips or bites? No sweat, the experience of creating and having a safe place to do it is what I'm after. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

More subscribers = more financial stability, the more I am able to spend time creating content we all love so much! ❤


Don't worry, AJ is still clovercoin, they still exist! That is a strictly "Safe For Work" brand and there is a dedicated patreon page here for all of AJ's sfw content and merch products. c:

Where to find AJ's content?

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Flipside; Tail Side Up - 18+ ONLY Content -
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Thank you so much for reading and your support! I need that cash so every buck you drop on me goes directly to surviving! THANK YOU!