Yo, small update.

  • Vecxemu

Someone had been asking me for a port of Dingux-Vecx for the RS-97/LDK. I didn't want to port Dingux-Vecx because it was simply a load of added crap i didn't want to deal with and worst of all, prone to crashes.

Given that we had Vecx which is slightly more up to date and more stripped down, this was perfect for my needs.

Now the emulator didn't have support for save states which i had to add. It was mostly straight forward except for the fact that save states would initially be around 4MB !

This wasn't right so i looked more into it and it turns out that it was trying to save the structure of each vector to be drawn to the save state. This is kind of overkill but even after removing that, it would still have the remnants of the old state when loading the new one.

So that kinda forced me to memset the whole array and make sure the console is reset before we load the save state. This finally fixed the issue with huge save states and brought it down to 1.6kb. I looked at dingux-vecx and turns out they "solved" the issue by compressing the save states... Yeah, hardly a fix. I'm glad i did it from scratch. I also know why Vecx eats so much memory now.

It's now available for the RS-97.

  • PCSX Rearmed

There was an issue with save states not working on the Retrostone, which promptly got fixed.

Also, one of the retroarch devs spotted an oversight with my HLE code and promptly fixed it. Many thanks to him ! This was really dumb on my part not to write back to the memory card file.