Hello guys ! I've released an update to my CFW for the Retrostone 1, here are the changes :

  • PCSX Rearmed

As i noted in my previous post before, i did not like the state of the HLE bios, which had led me to fix it up a bit.

But the port also required some more changes because it turns out it doesn't support the use of HOME at all... !

This meant that i needed to hack it up a bit but i'm thinking of adding it upstream someday.

This port uses the NEON-based graphics renderer unlike the OpenGLES one that most ARM socs use.

This usually means that it will run a bit slower however most ARM drivers end up being crap and my tests show that it runs everything fast enough, even Crash Team racing.

I haven't tried more demanding games though but in case it does happen, i've also PGO'd it.

Oh and yeah, it uses the YUV upscaler overlay. Usually doing that is pretty slow but our SoC is luckily powerful enough to handle it.

  • Picodrive

This port was more straightforward. However, it still needed some modifications because the OpenDingux port was not tweaked properly for the menu.

This port also uses the YUV overlay as PCSX Rearmed given that they both use libpicofe.

What can i say ? it runs smoothly, especially since Picodrive is very well optimized for ARM, down to the 68k core and even the graphics renderer as a whole.

I have not tried 32X games though. If it runs out they run too slowly, i will have to PGO it.

  • Divi-Dead

Yup, this game again. As it turns out, it uncovered an issue with my toolchain. Turns out i forgot to update it like the bittboys. Oops...

Also, it uses that using libvorbis instead of tremor makes music playing run like crap. I have no idea why but i'm using tremor for the time being.

  • SMS Plus GX

I have updated my port just like for the RS-97/LDK.

It can now run games like Block Dude, Alibaba and the 40 Thieves (both games rely on uninitialized memory left by Japanese BIOS) as well as support for the 4PAK mapper.

The CFW can be downloaded below : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1z-Bvf3Y9shOka9wsvK5j64X2WH0yZlPd