078 - Did Some Streams. (Freaking Finally.)


Hi, guys.
How is everyone doing? I will spare you the long intros this time. Welcome to Monday Post #078. ^^

So, I finally did some streams last week. Had a ton of fun and really appreciate every one of you who managed to show up in participate in the chat. Thanks, bros :)

The work. So, let us recap: it's been 5 weeks since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. I still have some art assets left that need inking. So that is what I will be doing till Wednesday most likely. I won't stream that though. Mostly to avoid spoilers, but also because even though streams are a lot of fun, the moment the stream is finished I often like all the energy has been drained from me and I just want to crawl under a rock and stay there for a while.So I need to just work in peace for a bit to recharge my batteries. ^_^

Next? As soon as I am done with the inking I will be moving on to the coloring. Standard procedure. I am starting to get a bit worried about not being able to finish working on Episode 08 in under 2 months as I was planning originally. But it's a bit too early to say for sure. We'll see.

Fire Emblem.
Didn't have many chances to play Fire Emblem this week, about 5 hours in so far. Decided to go with the Golden Deer. (Really hope Claude is not into boys and will be my bro.) Also was supper happy to find out that whatever class you decide to lead you can still persuade other students to jump classes and join the one you are teaching. Naturally my main goal now is to assemble a class full of babes. I wish Manuella could become my student :)

 Teaser. Here is another teaser pic featuring new outfit for Jasmine. I am realizing now that despite trying really hard to keep things simple I again landed myself into a work-heavy development cycle with all the new outfits and other things I have planned... Well, no choice but to see it through now. Hopefully you guys will like it ^_^ 

The gif. This week's gif is a bit on a risque side. I hope Patreon gods will forgive me. An that is it for this post. Love you all. <3 EDIT: Don't have to worry about that here on Subsribestar though :)